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Every Grunt From ‘HOME IMPROVEMENT’…Yeah, We’re Heading to the Way, Way Back

For pretty much the whole of the ’90s (1991-1999) Home Improvement was a seriously beloved sitcom that gave stand-up comedian Tim Allen a taste for fame and provided millions of teenage girls masturbatory fodder for Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan (and perhaps even Taran Noah Smith, when he got a bit older).

Of course, one of the biggest reasons people liked the show was all the grunting (a bit leftover from Allen’s stand-up material) that allowed the show to soak in a tub full of male stereotypes that served as a counterpoint to the emergence of Grunge and Emo that was beginning to take hold in the younger generation.

So, in honor of those long ago days when men on TV grunted like neanderthals and brought a certain satisfaction to male suburban dwellers who suffered from an abnormal love affair with cars and local sports teams, may I present every guttural throat sound that emerged from Tim Taylor’s mouth.

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