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FUND A COIN, GET A COIN: Help Rare Elements Make Glorious Coinage for Your RPG Via Kickstarter

As any avid RPG’er knows, the more authentic you make the game, the better the experience.

And Osborne Coinage, America’s Oldest Private Mint, has set up an interesting Kickstarter campaign involving a set of 60 handcrafted coins, beautifully illustrated by Kerry Bodenbender, which can be used for…RPG and table top board games to enhance your game play & create a sense of reality in your favorite fantasy realm. Each unique denomination will feature artwork representing one of 6 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Magic and Time)[Kickstarter].

If you are looking to kick your game play up a notch or are simply interested in collecting fantasy-based coins, then take a look at the pitch video after the break and then head over to the site for some nifty backer gifts.

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