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Okay, before you start barricading yourself in your home because you believe that there is a flesh-eating plant growing in a container out on your front porch, you should know that the plant I am referring to isn’t going to eat you, your children or your pets. It’s simply called a Zombie Plant because when something touches it, it pretends to die like this:

And then, where the coast is clear, it comes back to life…hence, the name Zombie.

Feeling a bit better?

Now that you’re a bit more intrigued with the idea of an undead plant sharing some space on your windowsill (and who wouldn’t be at this point), you might be interested in learning that you can buy a 6-pack of these babies to grow for yourself (or give away as gifts) which will, in turn, teach others the essential truth about Mother Nature, she makes some seriously weird shit and it’s in your best interest to respect her.

Because I’m fairly certain that if she gets anymore pissed at us, she will, in fact, create some weird amoeba that will eat your brain….hahahahaha, like that could actually happen.

Oh, it did

Perhaps I should write my congressperson and tell them that….the government is shutdown…well, we’re all going to die.



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