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SATIREGRAM: A Parody Site For All Those Stereotypical Instagram Pictures Everyone Takes

Let’s face it, the life that everyone seems to post about (via Instagram and Facebook) seems to suggest that we are all incredibly happy, successful, financially secure and fully contented in life. Which, of course, is total bullshit and we all know it.

But for whatever reason, we have all made some silent pact to keep perpetuating these untruths through pictorials that we have concocted in order to illicit comments that will either a) stroke our own inflated sense of self or b) increase sympathy towards us to work as a salve on our wounded self-esteem.

Either way, we have become a manipulative bunch of bitches.

But at Satiregram, a parody Instagram account, we get our faces rubbed in these glorious set-ups  not through pictures, but from hand-written text that describes exactly what we are up to.

It’s kind of like being caught cheating…only it’s on your real life and a lot funnier.

Examples after the break. (and yeah, you’re gonna recognize yourself in a few of these).

Source: PSFK

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