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SCOOP AND SURF: Poo Wi-Fi Makes Connecting to the Internet As Easy As One…Poo…Three

Mexican internet company Terra, has come up with a great idea to help keep the streets clean while also providing free wi-fi to the citizens (I’m sorry, free?).

According to the video below, all you need to do is scoop up Fido’s droppings, dump them in the Poo Wi-Fi-system container and, depending on the weight of your dog’s shit, you get a certain amount of minutes added to the timer.

Basically, the more people who deposit crap, the more minutes everyone gets.

What an incredible idea.

Hopefully more companies will follow Terra’s lead and make “Green Wi-Fi” a reality across the globe (can you imagine how many minutes NYC would get just by cleaning up their dog’s crap?).

Of course we don’t have to limit it to just poop, we could also use it for recycling, yard refuse or even dumping bodies.

The future is certainly looking a bit brighter…if not smellier.

Video after the break.

Source: Red Ferret

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