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Slain Iraq War Vet Has Her SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Headstone Removed For Being Inappropriate

Iraq war vet Kimberly Williams was a huge SpongeBob SquarePants fan in life and in death her family wanted to honor that fandom by erecting two 6’8″ tombstones of the cartoon character (one dressed in an army uniform for Kimberly and one in Navy Blues for her twin sister Kara, who is still alive).

The Spring Grove Cemetery where Kimberly had been laid to rest initially gave it’s approval, via it’s headstone designer, but upon the installation of the two SpongeBob’s, decided that they had to be removed due to the cemetery’s traditional and historic appearance.

Cemetery President Gary Freytag, said of the issue, “..the employee who gave the original approval made a huge error and that the cemetery will be working to rectify the issue with the family at the personal cost of Spring Grove”.

While the cemetery might feel that covering the cost that the family has already paid for the tombstones, and helping to erect a new, more Spring Grove-friendly headstone is a generous offer (each of the tombstones cost $13,000 a piece and the family also purchased 9 cemetery plots as well for an additional $29,000 so that they could be near Kimberly when they passed), compensation isn’t the factor here…honoring a woman who fought for her country should be.

Williams safely returned home from a war to her family, only to be beaten and strangled by her Army Sargent boyfriend in a hotel room, and for the family the only way to really heal from this tragedy is to honor Williams’ memory in the best way they know how…through her love of SpongeBob.

It seems only right.

News report with the family after the break.

Source: CBS News

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