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Tips for a Fun Family Game Night

Family night is an important part of raising children.

They need those fun memories at home and with their family members. But figuring out what to do with teenagers can be challenging. They’re just at the age when hanging out with family may not seem so cool any more. Traditional board games may not actually peek their interest these days.

However, online gaming can be one of the ways that you can get all of your family together.

Here are some tips for a fun family game night.

Get Some Healthy Snacks

There’s nothing like good food to help make family memories. Put together some healthy recipes. From sites like, you can get delicious, and healthy, recipes that the whole family will love. Try to pick finger foods rather than foods that require silverware as it will be hard to game and eat. Plus messy foods run the risk of dripping on the keyboards.

Set up the Computers in the Same Room 

To make sure that there’s still some in-person interaction, set up the computers or tablets in the same room. It may feel somewhat strange if you aren’t used to gaming with people in the same room or if you are new to gaming all together. If you’re new to playing online all together, you might try to play Texas Holdem Poker online or another similar game. It’s easy to play, and you can easily learn the rules.

Consider Making It a Theme Party

One Tetris To Rule Them All…

You can make family game night even more fun by assigning it a theme. If, for instance, you’re playing poker online, you could consider doing a Southern steamboat theme along the lines of “Maverick.” Having a central gaming theme can make it more fun, but you don’t have to. If your family is into Lord of the Rings, then set up a gaming night with a Lord of the Rings theme. Try to find recipes in line with that theme.

Keep Invites to a Minimum

Who invited the ringer?

As tempting as it may be to invite other people to join in on your family game nights, it’s best to keep them focused to the actual members of your family. Have company over on other nights. The goal during family night is to increase the time with your family and your connections with each of the members.

Let Each Person Pick a Game

Example of a “not fun” game

You can play all kinds of fun games online. Dozens of card games exist on gaming platforms. To keep things fun, make sure that everyone gets a chance to pick a game to play. This way no one feels ignored.

Family game night is an important event for families. Even though you might prefer traditional board games, remember that online games can be just as effective. You’ll need to make an effort to bring it all together and make it memorable, but it’s well worth the effort. Just remember to keep the focus on your family. Company can come out on other nights. Family night needs to be focused on your kids.

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