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Turn on Your Brain Lamp: When You Need Some Extra Light At Night, You Can’t Go Wrong With the EINSTEN’S BRAIN Desk Lamp

I am writing this from the basement of my home. No, nothing apocalyptic has occurred, that’s just where my office happens to be. But it can get mighty dark in this windowless tomb of mine, and while I churn out one awesome post after another, the need for additional lighting has occasionally occurred to me.

But finding lighting that fits in with the decorating scheme of my troll hole can be a difficult task. It’s dark, there’s a definite smell of mildew coming from somewhere and when I emerge hours later I am overcome with a desire to strangle a kitten (I’m thinking that is the black mold infestation talking).

So yeah, a fancy faux Tiffany lamp isn’t going to cut it.

But then I stumbled across this FrankensteinLabs Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp which I kinda think it’s perfect. I mean, I work in a fucking basement, why shouldn’t I have a floating brain desk lamp right? 

And with it’s faint reddish glow, it will add that rosy color that could really warm up the place.

Of course, the downside to this is that people might think I’m crazy once they spot the lamp, but I’ll just kill them for insinuating that I’ve gone mad…god, I really need to clean up this mold spore problem.

Source: Geekalerts

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