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Is This The First BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Production Art? Plus, MOS Live Fan Event!

Rumors are circulating about DC expanding their character roster in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman, the sequel to last summer’s Man of Steel.

What has been confirmed is that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman.  Rumors of Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor have yet to be confirmed, but in the past few days there have been rumors (and comments on the record) that both Jamie Alexander and Olga Kurylenko have discussed taking on the role of Wonder Woman and according to Latino Review, former Boy Wonder turned estranged sidekick Dick Grayson aka Nightwing will also be among the film’s steadily bloated cast of characters.

What is interesting is that according to some artwork I found online, it’s entirely possible we’ll see a former Bat-sidekick in the film, just not Nightwing.

On comic book artist/motion picture conceptual artist Jock’s Instagram feed, he recently posted two images that might very well be legitimate design work for the upcoming film.

Keep in mind that Jock has previously worked on both Batman Begins and Man of Steel in a similar capacity, so this speculation is pretty well founded.

Pretty standard design without much deviation from older designs (although pretty damned awesome looking).

This next one is the interesting one.

There’s Superman.  There’s Batman.  There’s Wonder Woman.  And in the upper right hand corner, is that Batgirl?

It sure as hell isn’t Nightwing.

What do you think? 

This Saturday, November 9th (9:00AM PST/Noon EST), you can join filmmakers and the cast of Man of Steel in a live online fan event and might find an opportunity to learn some more concrete facts.

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder with special host Kevin Smith will talk all the things Man of Steel, discuss what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton, and answer live fan questions.

The event will also include a featurette of the sit-down discussion between Zack Snyder and Michael Shannon about the making of Man of Steel.

Fans can send their questions to @ManofSteelMovie using #AskManofSteel or submit video questions at for a chance to have them answered during the live event.

To watch , click on to Yahoo! Movies on November 9th at 9:00AM PST/Noon EST for this exclusive fan event!

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