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McDOWELL’S from ‘COMING TO AMERICA’ Gets Some Yelp Reviews

If you’re heading into Queens on an empty stomach, you might want to make a stop at McDowell’s for two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, on a bun with no seeds.

That’s what makes it different from Mickey D’s.

Of course you’re going to have to put up with Samuel L. Jackson robbing the place occasionally, but hell, who doesn’t rob a fast food joint right?

And, according to a few Yelp reviews like this one:

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4.0 star rating7/7/2012 

Disclaimer – Worked here back in the day…started by cleaning grease traps and worked my way up to cleaning tables…was two years away from the big bucks…assistant manager!!!

Mr. McDowell enjoyed the reunion, he was so nostalgic he gave me ten percent off my Big Mick. Then some dude who looked like Sam Jackson started screaming and tried to jack the place. Some African cats who worked there did their thing and took Sam Jackson dude down on some Street Fighter 2 shit. So I got to enjoy my discounted Big Mick…it was a good day. 

Note: Out of 5 stars, minus 2 stars for Louie Anderson looking mofo at the counter checking my girl’s cleavage, add 2 stars for the African security force, and minus 1 star for the jheri curl stain on the back of my white LeTigre polo (luckily, some Fabuloso did the trick). 

This place is well worth the stop.

Seriously, check out the rest of the Yelp reviews HERE.

I don’t think a fast food place has been this revered since Mooby’s.

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