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I guess it should come as no surprise that a lot of men believe that a mustache is the truest sign of masculinity (thank you Ron Swanson), but somehow it seems less manly to me when a dude goes and gets a mustache implant due to his lack of mad facial hair skillz.

I guess I’m old school, I still judge a guy based on the size and girth of his man meat (that’s still PC right?) rather than his ability to sprout coarse, rash-inducing hair above his lip…call me crazy.

Now, if you are a man whose self-esteem has taken a dip toward the suicidal because you can only grow peach fuzz, then perhaps a trip to Turkey is in your future. Apparently, the need to transplant hair into the space above the lip is all the rage over there considering that social custom dictates that a hairless face is akin to a guy buying a box of tampons for a lady friend he isn’t even banging.

And god knows, no man wants to deal with that (although you should probably know that a guy who will openly pay for tampons without a girl present because she is hiding at home due to her lack of poon plugs, will more than likely be given a lap ride once the crimson tide has passed as a thank you).

If you’re interested in getting hair follicles all smashed up into your face, then take a gander at the video after the break and if you’re not, well, watch it anyway, it’ll make for some interesting cocktail party conversation.

Source: Geekologie

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