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Well, the temperature in good ole Eastern Pennsylvania is starting to dip into the 40s now, which means I will be pulling out my tub of sweaters and covering up for at least 6 months (Oh Seasonal Affective Disorder, how I’ve missed you). And while some of those sweaters have seen better days, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to completely abandon them.

Which makes the following DIY project well worth my time and effort…I’m going to make pants out of my more butt-ugly sweaters…and by god, so can you.

After-all, doesn’t “…Your booty deserve to be just as warm as your torso?” (West Knits)…now that’s some deep shit right there.

Apparently, all that it takes to turn these:

Into these:

Is some basic knowledge of sewing and/or piecing together of knits (if you don’t, I highly suggest finding a friend who does), 1 sexy (or ugly) sweater, 1 tapestry needle, ~10 split ring markers or safety pins, Waste yarn for seaming (If you want to get super professional, you can use a serger or sewing machine to reinforce the seams) and the project tutorial HERE.

So get to making a bunch of Swants for your friends and family!

Which, according to a few of the pictures after the break, make people pretty freaking happy…I don’t know, maybe it’s how your crotch is rubbing up against the former neck hole seam that creates that level of joy, sounds pretty “Happy” to me.

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