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26 Interesting Facts About Beer

For those of you who read my work with any regularity (I think that’s four of you now) you know that I am in a deeply meaningful, long-term relationship with beer which began some twenty + years ago and will probably continue until I die from old-age and/or alcohol poisoning. But the thing with relationships is that unless you have the ability to still find the person/thing you love (even after a multitude of years) interesting, there’s a good chance that it will wither and die.

And beer? Well, you keep surprising me sweetheart, I guess it really is true love after-all.

And thanks to Mental Floss’ newest video, 26 Interesting Facts About Beer (hosted by my imaginary husband John Green), I not only learned vast amounts of trivia that will ultimately make me appear a genius even after a six-pack of IPA, it has strengthened my love for the best combination of ingredients ever to appear in a glass (that would be: water, yeast, hops and barley).

So check out the video after the break and become a beer facts connoisseur.

You’ll be glad that you did.

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