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HARLAN ELLISON Has A Few Choice Words About ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ and One of Them Is “Bullsh*t”

Speculative Fiction writer Harlan Ellison is a prolific author who has over 1700 various works under his belt (including one of my favorite Star Trek episodes ever, The City on the Edge of Forever) so I tend to listen to the man whenever he speaks.

Of course, this YouTube commentary (or rant, if you’d prefer) concerning the Tom Hanks/Emma Thompson flick, Saving Mr. Banks is a little more incoherent than his usual talking points, but even so, I’d rather listen to Ellison pontificate on what he feels is a “bullshit” take on what actually happened between Walt Disney, P.L. Travers and the bastardized version of her book Mary Poppins than pretty much anything else.

So if you’re like me and have no desire to do anything resembling being productive, then by all means join me in a fantastic ten minutes of one man’s pisstivity about a movie that will probably end up as an Oscar contender.

You’ll be glad that you did.

Video after the break.

Source: Dangerous Minds

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