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Meet the ORCHID MANTIS…Looks Like A Beautiful Flower, Will Totally Eat Your Face Off

Nature has a way of creating some of the most beautiful and complex camouflage for the animal and insect world, but nothing on this planet freaks me out more than staring at what I believe to be a beautiful flower and then watching it devour another creature right before my eyes.

The Orchid Mantis is one of those creatures that do that kind of thing and it is only by the grace of Chewbacca that contamination from a nuclear reactor leak has not created a race of Godzilla-sized Orchid Mantises roaming the country-side biting off the heads of humans like their very own Go Gurt pack. And believe me when I say that I have absolute faith that something like this will occur thanks to Fukushima nuclear plant going all wonky after the tsunami hit it in 2011.

Seriously, you wait and see.

But if you need more proof that nature loves things that can gut you while you are alive and screaming, check out the video after the break to see the Orchid Mantis in action…it even has some off-putting music that will ice the blood in your veins just to make it clear that we will eventually fall prey to one of these creatures. 


Source: Boing Boing

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