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The Best Review of ‘Firefly’ Ever Written

Back when the video store was king, the people who worked there were looked upon as sages whose vast knowledge of sex comedies or foreign sci-fi horror flicks were as sought after as the world’s most learned men and women…My god, how the video clerk was revered and beloved.

But sadly, those days are now long gone but there’s no need for the younger generations to miss out on the wise and all-knowing video clerk’s reviews of sweet-ass TV shows or movies just because their local movie store has closed down.

For this review of Firefly by “Tom” will stand as proof that when it came to checking out a movie for $3.99 a night, you always invested in whatever the clerk recommended.

Thank you “Tom” for reminding us all what we lost when streaming video was introduced to the masses:

Source: Geeks Are Sexy



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