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The Role Of Music Publishing Companies In Digital Comics
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The demand for digital comics, once considered as an afterthought, has significantly grown in recent times. DC Entertainment rebooted their characters in 2011, and a key measure taken by the company was to introduce Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman in the digital space. The prices of the digital comics sold online were kept the same as their retail counterparts.

According to ICv2, the industry of digital comic books has seen an increase in average revenue consistently during the past three years.

Their estimates reveal that it was $8 million in 2010, $25 million in 2011 and then there was a staggering increase, so the 2012 revenue stood at $70 million.

The growth has also been complemented by consumer spending on tablets, which are quickly becoming the gateway to a number of new readers.

Publishers since the dawn of the first digital comic have been keen on enhancing user experience.

And among the features tried and tested so far, music tracks are gaining praise among the comic community as they add synergy to the digital books.

The future of music publishers in the industry

Marvel was one of the first to ride the bandwagon through it’s Project Gamma. This involved collaboration with the music-planning and publishing firm CORD, and though the audio was said to be without any lyrics, Marvel considered it adaptive music audio.

Adding music to digital comic books is a great way to add cinematic scores and increase the end user experience. The audio also makes it more exciting on the user’s part to tune in, as they are able to relate the entrance of characters to particular sound tracks, just like in the movies. Thor: God of Thunder, associated with speed metal, for example. Also, the addition of audio tracks has not lead to an increase in subscription fees, as evident from Marvel’s addition.

So how are these companies making it possible?

Answer: By teaming up with music publishers. And what’s in it for the latter party? Answer: Music publishing companies get a specific percentage of the revenue. Moreover, TuneCore reports that these companies can also earn money by selling licenses, mechanical royalties and rights to companies. The comic publisher would have to obtain a licensing agreement before using a track in it’s digital edition.

Audio clips also add more depth to the comic stories…

Madefire developers are keen on adding validity to this statement through their Madefire comic books or motion books, allowing the creators to add music and audio tracks from an array of options present in the library. Furthermore, music can unfold sequences that are not possible in print editions; real-time effects and character voices.

Though it is a departure from how the traditional comic books have been imagined over the years, Madefire and other industry leaders are aware that such additions are necessary to cater the tech-savvy side of the comic readers in years to come.

The current trends indicates that music publishers will be playing an unprecedented role in digital comics as the big guns in the comic industry gear up to cater the growing demands on the digital platform.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave comments.

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