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Knife-Chucking Mom Proves That Parenting Was A Lot Different When There Weren’t So Many Child Protection Laws On the Books

Back when I was being raised in the 70s, parenting wasn’t as insane as it is today. For instance, if a kid made it to the age of eleven without dying (or losing a major appendage) you were considered a good parent…that’s all it took. Nowadays, in order to be given a stamp of approval from society, you have to wrap your kid in protective bubble wrap, provide them with 24/7 surveillance and tell them how talented and special they are even though they can barely function in the world thanks to a constant supply of co-dependency and Ritalin.

But perhaps this look back at a time when moms could set up a sheet of plywood in the backyard, place their offspring before it AND THEN CHUCK KNIVES AT THEM, all for the amusement of the neighbors, will make you parents re-evaluate your overly-protective rearing methods.

After-all, if the kids of yore survived cutlery being thrown at them by a parent clearly hopped up on goofballs (thank you Mother’s Little Helpers), then I think your kids can play on the jungle gym without protective headgear.

Just saying.

Video of the mother chucker after the break.

Source: Gizmodo

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