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NIGHTMARE FUEL: Watch An Animatronic Band From Showbiz Pizza Throw Down Baby Huey’s ‘Pop, Lock & Drop It’

Everyone knows that the old animatronic bands of yore contained the souls of naughty children who didn’t listen to their parents (They did right? I mean, this wasn’t something my mom told me just to scare me into behaving was it?) but what happens when a regular person ends up buying one of these things? Do they continue to allow said animatronic band to sing horrible jug band musical numbers for eternity or do they reprogram it to get jiggy with it and throw in, say, Pop, Lock and Drop It by Baby Huey just to mess with people’s minds (and those aforementioned bad kid’s souls)?

I think the latter is the most likely option and the one that is far more disturbing than listening to a mechanical animal band sing Sunshine On My Shoulders.

Think I’m kidding? Check out the video after the break and then tell me you aren’t just the slightest bit horrified.

Source: Incredible Things

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