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The Best Tech Releases From CES 2014

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has kicked of 2014 with a bang, displaying some truly incredible gadgets.

With innovations, concept technology and some remarkable inventions, the convention is just a snapshot of the industry changing technology that will hit our shelves over the coming year.

Here are just some of the mind-blowing releases from CES 2014.

LG 77-inch Flexible 4K OLED TV

First there was flat screen, then there was HD. Now our TVs are gearing up for the latest innovation of curved screens. As many of these futuristic television sets debuted at CES, including Samsung’s record-breaking 105-inch curved 4K TV, LG has managed to take the bacon with the slightly more modest 77-inch Flexible 4K OLED TV.

This TV gives users the power to control the curvature of the Ultra HD display with a touch of a button. The range of the curve takes into account your viewing distance and the size of the screen, to ensure you are always enjoying the best viewing experience. Although these won’t be available for some time, the exciting architecture and stunningly crisp display is enough to get us clearing space in our living room.

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Mobile Controller

Changing the face of the mobile platform and potentially shaking up the entire gaming industry, the Stratus Wireless Mobile Controller delivers a console style experience to the small screen. Operating on all iPhone, iPod and iPad devices running on iOS 7, this mobile accessory promises up to 10 hours of battery life and allows four simultaneous players to compete at once.

The design is reminiscent of classic console controllers, with a directional pad, four action buttons and four shoulder buttons, as well as dual analog sticks. The controller is available to pre-order for $99.99, allowing players to delve into a vast library of app titles and game sites, such as, right away.

iSense Scanner for iPad

3D printing has wowed audiences across the globe, but the technology suffers from one little problem: the lack of digital blueprints for 3D objects. That’s where the iSense Scanner for iPad steps in. This handy piece of kit, produced by 3D Systems, clips to an iPad and lets users scan objects in three dimensions before creating a photorealistic model. This data is then output in a way that is compatible with 3D printing.

The iSense Scanner costs $499 and coupled with the Cube 3D printer, which is also created by 3D Systems, provides a comprehensive home setup for 3D printing for less than $2,000.

Alcatel Onetouch Solar Panel Display

Running out of battery on our smartphone is a problem that many of us encounter on a day-to-day basis. Forget to charge your device and you could be cut off from communication for the rest of the day. Alcatel Onetouch have come up with a clever solution for this common problem, introducing a mobile phone with a transparent solar panel over the screen.

This panel, which is so discreet you can’t even notice it over the display, allows users to charge their phone simply by placing it in the sun. Unfortunately, the Alcatel Onetouch Solar Panel Display was only a demo and models aren’t expected to be available until 2015, but once they arrive we’re sure that everyone will want to get their hands on one.

Pebble Steel

Pebble’s Smartwatch garnered plenty of attention with its sleek design and advanced technology. The Pebble Steel has rebooted the smartwatch and given it a masculine revamp. Boasting Corning Gorilla Glass protection and a stainless steel encasing, the Pebble is an understated technological gadget presented as an attractive timepiece.

Users are able to connect the Pebble Steel to their iPhone or Android devices, to receive notifications straight to your wrist. With a premium appearance, this Bond-like gadget will ensure that you stay connected in style.

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