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Geekist Slots For Gaming Geeks?

If you’re a self-certified geek and you’re also a little bit on the kitsch side of things – then which are the geekiest games out there – which are also a little tongue in cheek?

Well the best form of kitsch is where the provider of the product either doesn’t know it’s something which is excessively garish or, better still, realises that some users will whilst others won’t realise this.

And the online gaming world is a rich source of material in this regard. As you might expect, online bingo is the richest of all seas to tap into – but the slots world isn’t half bad either. There are games about pretty much everything under the sun – and particularly anything which is hot in popular culture.

One good, recent example is 32 Red’s I’m a celebrity slot game. Building on the success of the celebrity in the jungle TV show – the game is the result of a tie-in between 32 Red and ITV and is exclusive to the gaming website.

The game, therefore, is allowed to use “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” trademarks and iconography, along with the theme tune and other features to make the whole experience feel real (or should that be reel?) for kitsch geeks and others who take things more at face value.

The deal also allows players and fans of the show the chance to sample a little life “down-under” of their own – featuring a competition to win an all-expenses paid trip to Australia’s Gold Coast where “I’m a celebrity…” is filmed.

There are endless slots to choose from across the web but most don’t register highly enough on the geek-ometer – concentrating as they do on the latest blockbuster movies etc. These get a little samey.
But there are some providers that are a lot more imaginative in this regard, than others; cue 32 Red again with their “lurve” games…

But before you read about these, try and have an appropriate Barry White song running through your head – “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” etc., and you’ll soon get the idea…

First up; how about “Love Potion”? This is the ideal slot for romantics, set in a world of dangerous liaisons. Oh yes; there’s also the chance to win over £60k which most partners would find fairly romantic.

Then there’s “Secret Admirer”; think perfume, roses, diamonds and all the other traditional tools of the lurve trade – or how about “Starlight Kiss”; the unashamed romantic online slot which is the casino-based equivalent of a Mills and Book novel. Now really – does it get any more kitsch than that!?

Hats off to 32 Red for the geekiest, most kitsch slots on the planet!

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