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SWAG A-GO-GO: reviews for stuff you should check out

Here at FOG! HQ lots of cool stuff comes in, giving us the opportunity to check out some merchandise, that to be completely honest, we think you should check out!

This time out we’ve a bunch of gadgets geared toward your more tech-centric interests.

Meze 11 Deco Earphones

At any time, I have two or three sets of headphones with me.  No longer.  The Meze 11 Deco are, without a doubt, the best earphones I have ever used. Visually, they are stunning.

The elegant handcrafted beech wood enclosure reproduces crisp but warm, natural sound and a microphone on the flexible, non-tangle cord makes this not only a performant sound system but elegant accessory as well.  In addition the earphone comes with 3 sizes of soft silicone ear-tips and an EVA case for carrying.

The sound quality is so sharp, in fact, that nothing less than a perfect digital source tends to have some background noise or hiss.  That being said, the Meze 11 is a must have for any music aficionado or regular listener.

(sample provided by Meze)

iMusic Pillow Speaker

Not me.  Though I like the cut of her jig.

Some people can’t fall asleep with any light, others need a night light.

Others need silence, or music, or the sounds of a spring rainfall.

I need noise.  A movie or television program.  A podcast.  A DVD commentary.  Something to listen to as I doze off.

Lately, my source for this “noise” has become my iPhone.

I can load up an episode of Beware of the Babylon or stream Back to the Future and find myself dozing off before Marty finds himself back in 1955.

But headphones aren’t super comfortable and worse, I usually take them off during the night; effectively muting my alarm clock.

Which is why the iMusic Pillow Speaker is so fantastic.  There’s an actual speaker within that allows it to be heard loud and clear without disturbing anyone else. And with no headphones to remove, there’s no chance you’ll miss your alarm clock.  The pillow features a 3.5mm connect (although it is small and an extension might be useful.  The speaker is part of the construction, which means it can’t be machine washed.

(sample provided by Mobile Fun)

Snugg Galaxy Tab 3 10 1 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Red Leather

A handsome case for the Galaxy Tab 3, but not nearly as effective as I had hoped.

Visually, it’s great.  The tablet fits in well and it’s extremely well constructed.  And for just that purpose, it’s highly recommended.  The case touts two additional features, a flip stand and an elasticated hand strap, neither of which can be described as a “feature.”

The flip stand works, but is extremely cumbersome and the tablet in the case is fairly clunky.  The elasticated hand strap in theory is fantastic, but it doesn’t balance the tablet well.

As a protective case, the Snugg case is truly an attractive and protective accessory, but the additional features aren’t particularly helpful and a bit more of a hindrance than an asset.

(sample provided by Snugg)

Arkon Desk & Travel Stand for Tablets

When working, I often try and multitask, watching review material or Netflix on my phone or tablet at the same time.

As a matter of fact, I’m tearing through the third season of Veronica Mars as I write this.

I’ve found that most cases with stands aren’t particularly adept when it comes to angling the screen or even changing the orientation.  And forget the cell phone.

Usually, I found myself propping the phone up against my laptop.

The Arkon Stand is perfection.  It’s collapsible and easily fits into my laptop bag.  But even more than that, it’s extremely versatile, allowing a large amount of options for best viewing video or text.

It’s a must have for anyone who utilizes streaming video or even better, anyone who multi-tasks.

(sample provided by Mobile Fun)

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