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How To Tell Off Your “Bald-Headed Pr*ck” Of A Boss On Live TV….Retro-Style

Well I’ll Be….

You know how all these people are making “I’m Quitting” videos as if they are somehow revolutionaries just because they filmed them and put them up on YouTube? Well, they have nothing on Ralph Williams Bayshore Chrysler-Plymouth car salesman Chick Lambert, who, in a LIVE 1969 TV commercial, decided to stick it to his boss in a way that no one in the Bay Area (or America) had seen before.

You see, Chick was being replaced by a younger pitchman and well, he didn’t take it too well, so, to get even with his boss he laid out a beautiful barrage of vulgarity the likes of which are still being felt by Ralph Williams’ lineage to this day.

So yeah, you could say that when it came to saying “Fuck You” to your boss, no one has ever done it with more panache than Chick Lambert, not even that girl who danced to Kanye West.

Watch and learn from the master people.

Source: Laughing Squid

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