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‘THE ENCHANTED POT’ Musical/Corn Syrup Advertisement Is All About Helping The Ladies In the Kitchen…Isn’t Retro Sexism Adorable?

When I got married to my significant bother a few years ago my main concern was not “Am I up to the challenge of cooking him pleasing and nutritious meals?”, but how many fucking forms do I have to fill out in order to obliterate my past self so that I could take on his stupid last name.

But I guess times have certainly changed since this incredibly sexist advert was created by the Karo Syrup company back in 1962. Judging by the deep suffering that this “wife” had to deal with when it came to cooking, you’d have thought that dumping a package of hot dogs into boiling water was akin to suddenly being asked to split the atom. To further add insult to injury, it is pretty damn clear that that the best way to become successful in the kitchen (and make your husband glad he picked you) is not through “messing around with random ingredients”  but via cooking lessons taught by a male magical pot (oh yeah, Mother’s Little Helpers were not a key ingredient in this walking nightmare, no sir) whose baritone voice was just as apt to talk down to the wife as it was in making sure she realized that ground beef was a staple food. 

Oh, the memories.

Sexism and Karo Syrup after the break ladies.

Source: The Retroist

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