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TOM SELLECK Smells The Way A Real Man Should Smell…At Least According To This 1970 Safeguard Commercial

Photo by Alan Light

While I have never personally sniffed Tom Selleck, I will take a guess and say that he probably smells like the crisp, clean air of a summer morning in Oregon, right before the sun evaporates all the dew from the ground. I imagine that particular scent has the lingering odor of mint and a slight after-taste of morning-after shame, but what do I know, the man hasn’t returned my calls about me shoving my face into his arm pits for research.

Now, while I may not have first hand knowledge of his freshness date, according this 1970 Safeguard commercial, Tom Selleck’s smell manages to not only buff away the odor of ass, it has the ability to entice women from all walks of life, including Teri Garr and Penny Marshall, (I’m assuming you already know who those people are and if you don’t there’s probably some Justin Beiber fan site you could be on right about now) which, I’m assuming, requires powers best left to those who come from the realm of Asgard (or one of those other Deity-related dwellings).

So check out the sight of Man-God Tom (sans ‘stache) just walking around and smelling great after the break…oh and try and ignore the blatant sexism…just like most commercials did back then…(sigh)

Source: The Retroist




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