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Is That A Tea Pot On Your Head Or Has My Mother’s Little Helpers Kicked In? Bizarre Hat Fashions With A Kitchen Theme

Back in the more sexist 50s a woman’s place was thought to exist only in the home, or, more specifically the kitchen, if you were to believe the multitude of propaganda that touted the belief that if only the little missus could boil meat in Coca-Cola properly, she would keep her man fully satisfied. Due to this emotionally stifling life adjustment that millions of women had to endure after tasting a bit of freedom during their “working days” of WWII, let’s just say it was no wonder that sales of Diazepam skyrocketed.

The result of which might explain the weirdness of one Madge Chard, a “Career Woman” who was inspired by her kitchen to create bizarre hats that looked like tea pots, colanders, toilet plungers and chocolate candies.

Now, I don’t know how strong those long ago Mother’s Little Helpers once were, but if women were high enough to create fashionable head wear from the crap lying around their home, then I wish I had some myself. Because Mama wouldn’t mind a boost in the creativity department if you know what I mean (and if you read my work here on the site, you do).

So let’s all take a look back when pharmaceutically enhanced women would happily wear a frakking chintz salad bowl on their heads just to feel alive shall we?

Video after the break.

Source: Kitschy Living

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