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JIM HENSON’S Muppet Ba…Er, Marathon Gas Commercials…Don’t Worry, They’re Still As Adorable As Baby Animal

Back in the early 60s, Jim Henson was sought out by Marathon Gas to create a few interesting commercials that would get the buying public in the mood to “Fill Er Up”. Which, judging by how adorable these two singing gas pumps are, people did.

Seriously, you’d have to be a pretty jaded person not to fall prey to characters named “Regular” and “Premium” who belt out tunes about filling your tank.

Hell, if Big Oil resurrected these two, it might be a whole lot easier to pay $3 something a gallon at the pump…sure, I’d still bitch about being gouged but at least there would be a smile on my face.

Video after the break.

Source: The Retroist

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