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MORRISEY Gets the Pop Culture Treatment

If you like to listen to Morrisey when you’re sad and want to dive deeper down into depression, I completely understand, but if you happen to think pairing the most famous manic-depressive with the peppy pop culture of video games, comics and cartoons a wonderful idea then by all means, let us enjoy the irony of this together:

As part of a group art show at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, CA (30 N. Third Street), artist John Freeborn explores the, well, happier side of Morrisey through his take on various songs and album covers featuring iconic characters done up in a pleasing LP-shape for added authenticity.

After the break are a few more of Freeborn’s pieces that will surely delight and depress you…as any good Morrisey-based art show should.

You can find these prints (as well as his others) for sale HERE.

And, if you happen to be in the San Jose area tonight come to the show

Just bring some Zoloft.

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