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SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA DANCE…Like This Bird…Who Probably Has More Rhythm Than You

I’m in this weird flux right now, like a big light bulb went off in my head and I’m starting to wake up from a long hibernation…that kind of thing. Maybe it’s due to turning 40, or the fact that I’m on a lot of drugs (not recreation but prescription, which are much, much better by the way) but whatever it is, I’m sort of feeling…optimistic about things. Which is weird to be honest with you.

But, like the bird in the video above, I’m thinking that I’m just gonna do my own thing and dance about until this second chapter of life reveals itself to me…which I’m thinking is just a build-up of anticipation over the new Star Wars movie…which will suck horribly and I will become all jaded and depressed again (I’m a member of Generation X after-all and we don’t trust happiness).

Maybe I should go and lie down.

Source: The Strut

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