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The Selfie Studio: Because Isn’t It Time You Really Embraced Your Self-Obsessed Douchiness

Look, at this point in our social media history I have become inured to the vast amount of selfies and food pics that I have to weed through on a daily basis. In fact, the only time I even register the douchebag nature of this ME-ME-ME generation is when they end up posting something so horribly self-grandiose that it takes my breath away.

But while I may loathe putting anything remotely personal up on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram out of fear that I will be haunted by my own lameness a decade from now (I’m still smarting from a report I did on my love for the band El Debarge in the fifth grade and have since made sure that I keep all of that kind of crap hidden from the world) I understand that there are people who populate the inter-web who have no qualms about shooting badly Photoshopped bathroom pics of themselves.

So, for those assholes for whom self-respect is merely an abstract concept, may I introduce the Selfie Studio, the complete kit that will allow you to continue posting various pics of yourself that no one other than your mother gives a shit about.

Here’s the product description:

Selfie Studio (TM) Take selfies, around the corner shots, hard to reach shots, etc., all up to your imagination! The Wireless Bluetooth “clicker” allows you or a friend to remotely snap pictures. Enable your camera shutter sound for sound feedback, take as many pictures as you need, and find the best one later! Durable Metal and Rubber-Gripped Monopod extends to over 3 feet (37″) Keychain sized Bluetooth Camera Shutter. Snap a photo up to 30 feet away from your mobile phone! Standard 3/8″ tripod mount screw, also mount digital cameras Universal mobile phone mount, no screws or assembly needed Bluetooth camera shutter works with both Android and iPhone cameras, no special app needed

Yep, there’s no shame in have absolutely no shame anymore.

Buy it now…but make sure you take a picture of yourself opening up the box, ’cause if we don’t see you doing it, how will we ever know you did.


Source: Red Ferret

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