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THE YOGA FARMER: How Much WTF Creepiness Do You Want To Add To Your Day? If You Said A Lot Then You’re In Luck

When you become an adult you will start to notice that a lot of children’s television programming is, well, sort of weird. I’m sure that there is some scientific proof to explain the educational merits of the show Teletubbies but if you are over the age of five and watch it stone cold sober, you’re not so much being educated as FUCKING CONFUSED.

The following show is like that as well. In what I suppose is someone’s way of introducing Yoga to children in a fun and seemingly innocuous environment (a farm), a “Hippy Farmer” goes around doing things to children that are not only a bit pedophile-ish but also reeks of demonic activity.

Trust me, you haven’t been more scared for the souls of youngsters until you hear the Yoga Farmer whisper creepily…”Are You Breathing Christian?

Scary weirdness after the break.

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