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Please Stop Giving Everything Away In Your Movie Trailers Hollywood…Dumb F*cks

These days, going to the movies means seeing a film that you didn’t pay to see right before the movie you did pay to see begins. Seriously Hollywood, there is absolutely no reason for me to plunk down $11 for the privileged of sitting through an entire movie that I already saw the cliff-notes version of in the trailer.

You want to know what movie trailers are supposed to do? They are supposed to entice you, seduce you, make you crazy to find out what happens in a movie, not hand over all the best parts leaving the foaming crap that’s left be what we pay to see.

Take the following trailer for Alien (1979):

Were there any catchphrases? Was there any hip song playing in the background? Did we actually see ANY of the best parts? No. What you did see was enough stuff to know that you were probably going to be scared shitless for a couple of hours and you were excited for it.

But Alien coming out today?

You would have already found out who all the characters were, the major plot points and seen the chest burster in the two minutes allotted.

 But it’s not just me getting pissed about the trailers being shown in theaters nowadays, even Glove and Boots are royally peeved.

So check out their plea to Hollywood to stop giving everything away.

Otherwise, we might as well wait for the DVD to come out for every movie made today.

Source: Neatorama


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