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Thrillbent launches James Tynion’s HOUSE IN THE WALL This Friday (June 20)

Following up on the launch of Empire Volume 2, Thrillbent has revealed the next original digital comic that will launch on the one-stop showcase for creator-owned digital comics — James Tynion’s House In The Wall. The book is co-written by Tynion and Noah J. Yuenkel with art by Eryk Donovan, colors by Fred C. Stressing, and letters by Troy Peteri. The first chapter launches on Thrillbent this Friday, June 20. Following that, the limited series will be serialized exclusively on Thrillbent twice-monthly thereafter.

The horror tale tells the story of Ariel Carpenter who has been sleep-walking through life for as long as she can remember. Nothing, not her boyfriend, her job or her friends… none of it seems to bring her any closer to reality. The only thing that seems solid, seems real, is a spectral house she visits every night in her dreams. But when she discovers a door to that impossible dream house in the wall of her run-down Brooklyn apartment, she’ll unlock an ancient horror that has the potential to destroy her life forever.

House In The Wall, along with all the other content on Thrillbent, is available with the $3.99 monthly subscription (also available through the website).

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