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26 Unusual Occupations That You Could Be Doing Right Now

Become A Deer Pee Farmer!

I’m lucky that my chosen profession allows me to lay in bed all day and write between episodes of The Office on Netflix, but I realize that a lot of people aren’t so satisfied (or lazy) when it comes to making a living. That’s why I am going to ply you with career options (via Mental Floss) that will rev up your working life and make you feel like life is worth living.

You know, that might be overstating these careers a bit, I mean, becoming a deer pee farmer or dog food taste tester probably aren’t jobs that would equate a life filled with extreme happiness, but I guess if you were stuck working in a cubicle farm and having to put up with group email affirmations all day long, chowing down on some Iames or siphoning urine from a deer would be the pinnacle of good times.

Either way, if you are interested in doing something different in exchange for cash watch the video after the break…I’ll be busy taking a nap.

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