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Every SAMUEL L. JACKSON MotherF*cker Ever…The Super-Cut

I love cursing. There’s something immensely cathartic about yelling a bad word to the heavens while judgmental people look at you as if you murdered a baby. And really, when something horrible happens to you in your life what feels better to say,”Gosh I’m upset” or “Fucking Fuck!”?

Yeah, you know I’m right.

And if we want to anoint a king of cursing, there’s no better person to wear that crown than Samuel L. Jackson, the man who made Motherfucker into a poetic catch phrase. So let’s rejoice in his majesty by watching a super-cut of every utterance of Motherfucker he has ever said on film.

And trust me, after watching it, you’ll feel as calm and centered as if you spent the day at the spa.

Video after the break.

Source: Uproxx

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