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EVERYTHING IS NOT AWESOME: Greenpeace Takes Lego To Task By Creating A Video That Would Make Sarah McLachlan Weep

Before I say anything about the following video I want you to know I’m an environmentalist (hell, I grew up in Oregon for Chewbacca’s sake). I read labels to make sure that no palm oil was used in creating the product, I write letters to my senators about the ills of fracking and I have been known to pick up trash in a parking lot because it annoys me.

That being said, this emotionally manipulative video from Greenpeace is so overwrought that it’s almost laughable (and that bit about Sarah McLaclan in the title? You’ll understand why once you see it). I get that Greenpeace wants to bring Lego’s relationship with Shell to light because that’s who they are, but really? This is the way to go about it?

 I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old or something, but hell, you should of just showed pictures of animals covered in oil.

Video after the break.

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