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MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: Punk Rock Girl- The Dead Milkmen

Well I hope you had a great three-day weekend because today is going to suck hard…that first day back always does, and if you’re like me your level of pisstivity is high and your tolerance of your fellow man is low, so you might as well give into a bit of rebellion via a musical playlist that embraces your bad attitude (it’s hard for your boss to fire you if all you’re doing is listening to Punk music in your cubicle).

So slap on the Dead Milkmen’s 1988 album Beelzebubba and embrace the playful disobedience of Philly’s satirical punk band. Of course, if you don’t have access to the album, after the break is Punk Rock Girl, it’ll help break through your apathy enough so you don’t die from boredom before lunch.

Welcome back to the real world.

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