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SCIENCE GEEK: Why Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butt

We all know the basic concept of why a dog will plummet head-first into another dog’s butthole, to get to know another dog, but did you know that the complexity behind chemical communication is so incredible that it almost makes me wish that we humans could do the same…insofar that actual assholes tend to lie less than the people they are attached to.

Just imagine how helpful it would be to sniff your boss’s anal gland and know instantly their emotional state (and if this would be a good time to ask for a raise). Of course, the downside of being a butt-sniffer is all the shit you’d have to get past, but that’s a small price to pay to get to the truth of another human being.

But I digress.

Dog Butt Science after the break.

Source: io9




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