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This Video WILL BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND & Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Since I spend a crazy amount of time on the web for work I am well aware of the ebb and flow of trends that tend to turn up on the internet before Yahoo’s newsfeed does (thank god, or I’d be out of a job), but one of the most annoying little fads that seems to be sticking around longer than necessary is click-baiting, which is basically a more mouth-friendly way of describing annoying headlines written specifically so you are emotionally-raped into clicking on them only to realize that the content has nothing to do with the headline. It’s a tactic that websites use in order to boost views, which in turn helps that website get advertising money (something that we here at FOG don’t do because we have yet to learn how to write compelling headlines).

And believe me, if you are on Facebook, you are well-aware of these hyper-excitable click-baits.

If you’d like to see what this phenomenon is all about, then watch the video after the break…It will totally blow your mind, change your life and be the best part of your day.

You know, if we actually generate some income off of this post, we might finally be able to afford a better selection of K-cups in the break room.

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