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Watch a 72-Minute Trailer For Ambiancé, The World’s Longest Movie Ever Made (We’re Talking 720 Hours Here People)

If you are the type of person who believes that the trailers are the best part of the movie-going experience then you are going to have to change your shorts from the glee you are about to experience, for you are about to embark on a trailer journey that will test the tensile strength of not only your endurance but your bladder as well.

In this 72 MINUTE TRAILER for the film Ambiancé (by Swedish filmmaker/artist Anders Weberg) you will be introduced to a movie that not only lasts 720 hours (which is thirty DAYS for the Math illiterate) but, when it is finally released in 2020, it will be destroyed after it’s first and only viewing.

Yeah, it’s that frakking epic.

So watch the trailer if you dare after the break and then mark your calendars…Ambiancé, it’s like the game Desert Bus for cinephiles.

Source: Open Culture

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1 Comment

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