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How To Give An Epic Eulogy

Everybody dies. Seriously, all your friends and family will someday kick the bucket and it will be up to you to send them off into the darkness with a eulogy that will kick all other eulogies asses. I know that’s a lot of pressure, I mean, you’re already sad and now you have to get up in front of a crowd who just wants to get this funeral over with so they can head over to the grieving family’s house for some ham (and to see if they can steal some stuff out of the dead person’s drawers) but someone has to deliver the speech that reminds people how much the dead person will be missed.

So embrace this chance to say all the things you want (including a few that you shouldn’t) and to help you write that Epic Good-Bye is Mr. Forthright, with advice that will help you create a speech that will transcend the sadness and leave the audience gasping at your brilliance.

You might want to grab a pen and paper kiddos, ’cause you never know when that one drunk friend of yours will finally fall down the stairs.

Video after the break.

Source: Neatorama


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