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Want to Enjoy A Rave? Well Watch This PSA First…You Drug Addicted, A$$holes

If you are planning on heading to NYC’s Electronic Music Festival, Electric Zoo, Labor Day Weekend to take part in three days of a Molly-fueled fuck fest, be prepared to watch a PSA about the dangers of drug use before listening to David Guetta’s Sexy Chick (which, when I think about it, requires drugs in order to enjoy it…hmm).

The event promoters, EDM, are kind of tired of hiring a staff of EMTs to scrape the bodies of ODing kids off the floor so they are hoping that through this short video of an asshole rolling on shit he bought in an alleyway, Rave goers will eschew drugs and just get high through dancing.

I’m sure it will work.

While the PSA isn’t as classic as “This Is Your Brain On Drugs”, it is on par with “I Learned It From Watching You” so take a look after the break and enjoy a kid almost dying from drugs.

Source: Neatorama

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