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WARM UP WITH TRACI LORDS: An Exercise Program That Releases More Than Tension

I’m not sure how much this 1990 work-out video by former under-age porn star Traci Lords will work on toning your body, but it will certainly get you sweating. Featuring a plethora of exercises that seem more suited to the activities of consensual couples (with more than a couple of moves that I would assume require proof of age) Warm Up With Traci Lords is a wonderful ode to the celebrity “Get Fit” craze that swept through this fat-ass nation of ours during the last decade of the 20th century.

And the best part?

The entire thing is narrated by a spoken word/white person rap that sounds as if it could have been a rejected song by the band The Waitresses.

So get ready to work out the knots in your body (and your pants) after the break.

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