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WTF FRIDAY: Pokemon’s Slowpoke…I Don’t Know This Sh*t Is Just Weird

I’m not into Pokemon but even I know that there’s something weird about combining it with Reggae and then creating some kind of music video featuring the character Slowpoke (who, in all honesty I had to look up) starring at me in kind of a total freak way.

That is weird right? I mean this isn’t something that just happens in the Pokemon universe is it? It’s not like you’re watching the cartoon while eating a bowl of cereal and all of a sudden this pink Bantha-like thing starts staring at you without saying anything until you start to feel uncomfortable or anything right?

I don’t know, this things freaks me out…I’m never watching or playing or buying anything Pokemon…ever.

Weirdness after the break.

Source: Awesome Robo

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