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CRAFTY GEEK: DIY Spiderweb Hat

It is about this time in September when I start jonesing to pull all my Halloween gear out and start decorating my house, my yard and myself, but I try and hold back until October 1st so that I won’t be that one freak who pushes their holiday agenda on everyone else (you know the type, they’re the ones who start wearing Xmas sweaters in August and get all excited about adding to their porcelain lighted house collection).

But while my excitement level for Halloween starts edging closer to manic once Starbucks releases the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I do wish that I could start incorporating a little bit of spooky earlier into my life without it looking too obvious.

And I think I found a way via this incredible simple craft that will yield one adorably cute vintage-style spiderweb hat (created by Angie of Little Inspiration).

All you need to look like a million bucks are six or seven strands of floral wire (which can be found at a craft store) and a pair of pliers for curling the end pieces, that’s it. If you want to add an embellishment you can always attach a glittered plastic spider or a piece of black tulle or lace to the front.

For complete instructions on how to make one of these for yourself (or a bunch for your friends…seriously, these things will take you 15-20 minutes, tops to create) click HERE.

The top of your head will never look more Hallow-Posh.

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