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Fall Books, Waterproof E-Reader, Getting Into Graphic Novels & More!

In honor of the Simpsons marathon, here’s Book Riots top ten Simpsons literary quotes.
Well-known author Mary Engelbreicht has ruffled some feathers over a political cartoon.
How one person learned to not be racist when it comes to reading.
A popular British author on confronting racist abuse and what she has done about it.
It’s a big move to go from reading books to reading graphic novels, and it’s always there question of where to start. Here are some great recommendations.
Some big upcoming fall releases that you’ll want to request from your library right away.
The audiobookmobile is on tour, maybe traveling through your local town.
Ten beautiful Australian libraries you won’t want to miss when you visit down under.
Kobo is releasing the first waterproof ereader, known as the Aura H2O.
As donations continue icily pour in for ALS, here are some more authors and book-related people who have taken the ice bucket challenge.
You may have wondered what it’s like to be a bookseller, and here are some pointers about what to expect. Speaking from a decade of experience, yes, all of them are true!
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