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Why Aren’t People Excited About The Apple Watch?

The new Apple Watch has come in for a lot of knee-jerk reaction type of criticism since it recent launch.

It’s said that it’s too wide, too thick, too expensive, and people can’t really see a need for it as they have their smartphones and tablets already – so what’s the point in a tiny computer on your wrist?

Of course – all this stuff seriously misunderstands the true potential of the Apple Watch in ways that many people are only just beginning to grasp.

After all, people couldn’t really understand the potential for the telephone when it was first invented – and the same pattern is repeated throughout history with very early stage technology.

The truth is that the watch is the first tangible product in an online world which is going to transform completely the way we all love, X years’ hence. Quite how big a figure X is and what sorts of things the watch and associated new technologies will really make happen for the ordinary person in the street is difficult to fathom. But it’s on the way and it will happen quickly than anyone realises as the pace of technology just does that nowadays.

The basis for this is the skin touch technology that the Apple Watch and other products bring with them. Through this technology, the Apple Watch will begin to develop an understanding of who you really are – and then it will begin to service your needs before you’ve even though about them consciously. The product will know where you are at any given time via the iPhone’s GPS system. It will figure out what you’re doing at any given time via a gyroscope, accelerometer, and associated apps. And it has the potential to understand how you are feeling because it’s monitoring your body through skin touch technologies.

This makes it potentially the most powerful computer the world has ever seen.

What it actually does could be something as simple as starting off your coffee-making process in the morning without you doing anything, to flagging up new and special offers based on your previous behaviours ( might be flagged up for example, if you’re into gambling), or signalling stock market alerts, altering the lighting in your bedroom, sending automated information to your Doctor o your state of health and endless other applications.

But the interesting thing is that it has the power and potential to do all this in an online world without very any conscious input from you at all. Instead, this is based on your previous behaviours and a whole host of technologies working in a synchronised way.

We’re on the way to a new age where we’re intelligent robots who don’t need to do too many menial tasks nor spend too much time on menial thoughts. It’s early days, yes, but the Apple Watch is the first tangible signal of the way in which things are just beginning to change; behind it is a veritable avalanche.

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