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Wytches #1 (review)

Review by Atlee Greene
Wytches #1
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters: Clem Robins
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $2.99

The fact that Scott Snyder is writing for Image Comics alone is enough to get anyone excited about the highly anticipated Wytches series.

Add to the fact that he is reunited by his fellow Batman: The Black Mirror collaborator, Jock, and you suddenly realize that you are in the midst of something special.

After an unsettling opening sequence that sets an incredibly horrifying tone, the story turns to the Rooks family who are dealing with a lot of personal baggage.

At the center of it all is their daughter, Sailor, whose alleged past transgression haunts her at every turn. As she attempts to move on with her life, a sinister presence makes that an impossibility.

Snyder does a remarkable job of hooking the reader from the start and establishing a tone that keeps you glued to every page. The first page shows the literal definition of a witch, only for it to be scratched out on the second pages which serves as a subtle but intense way of saying forget everything you think you know about the creatures.

The familial bond between the Rooks family exudes a love and understanding that makes you instantly like them, and ties into the terror that that increases with every turn of the page. It’s not a slasher type of fear, but more of an unknown mysticism of sorts that suggests that something isn’t right. Jock’s artwork supports and compliments all of the points Snyder is trying to get across. The illustrations of the scenes between Sailor and her father were fun, full of life and oozed affection. Smiles, laughs, doubt, slouching postures and despair are illustrated with a conveyance that almost makes the word balloons obsolete which is crazy considering who the author is.

I truly felt I was watching the first act of a suspense/horror film where all of the key elements are established in a delicate and enthralling manner.

With an October 8th release date fast approaching, Wytches arrives just in time to fulfill your horror needs. The character’s drama, and dread of it all, is presented with the enthusiasm and carefully crafted storytelling that we’ve come to expect from Scott Snyder and Jock’s depictions magnify the narrative which brings about not just a great read but a tremendous comic book experience.

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