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GEEK SHORT: Flesh Computer by Ethan Shaftel Will Make You Be Nicer To Technology

I’m not sure if Ethan Shaftel’s fantastic (seriously, this thing is amazing) short film Flesh Computer is an allegory for our growing dependence on technology and humanity’s tendency toward violence (both physically and sexually) or simply an incredibly well done sci-fi flick, but either way I demand that someone give him loads of money to flesh (no pun intended) this thing out so that I can sit in a theater and feel weird.

And yes, the story of an apartment building super/handyman whose cybernetic pet is threatened by some asshole bullies will make you feel really weird inside, but that’s a good thing…’cause I’m pretty sure we’re meant to.

So watch it after the break and feel free to discuss your emotions…and maybe, could someone give me a hug because I feel like connecting to another human being right about now.

Source: Short of the Week

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