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TOTORO Lives! Scientists Discover A New Species And Name It After Miyazaki Character

Scientists, who also happen to be animation nerds, have recently discovered a new species of Velvet Worm, naming it Eoperipatus totoro after Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro, due to it’s resemblance to the beloved public transit character:

While that is an adorable name for an adorable worm thing, the biggest question I have is, “WHAT THE FUCK IS A VELVET WORM?”

Thankfully, the answer can be found via this link HERE…also, just so you know, Velvet Worms can squirt slime out of a couple of face holes which will ensnare and then harden around their prey so that it can not escape. Upon trapping said prey the worm will then climb on top of it and inject some kind of Alien-like acid saliva which liquifies the prey’s insides so that the worm can then slurp it out like a milkshake.

Yep, just one more thing to be afraid of thanks to nature.

Source: The Biologist Apprentice

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